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Chessnuts is a part of Bhoggit Sculptures that produces chess pieces. It can be said that the chess pieces produced by Chessnuts are truly unique. They are hard sculpted, hand moulded and where applicable hand-painted as well.
They are also among the only truly limited edition sets on the market; some sets only reach a maximum of twenty sets produced.
As a rule, the original sculptures are carved in wax. A mould is produced and copies are made in a crushed stone and resin mix.
In the case of a chess set, a subject is chosen; say Brer Rabbit. Then the pieces are designed. Six characters are required; King, Queen, Bishop, knight, rook and pawn. Sometimes more than one pawn is made as in my Lord of the Rings set and some times the two opposing sides of the set are different, as in my Dad's Army set.
For some subjects I use photographs. This I hope is evident in my World Political chess set which has Saddam Hussein and 'friends' versus George Bush Jnr. and his 'friends'. I sometimes make mistakes as when I included that nice Jacque Chirac as one of Mr. Bush's friends; my Yankee friends sent them back to me.
People often ask, "Would I make a set of 'this subject?' or 'that theme?’
The answer is yes, if enough people ask for it of if that person will pay the costs. One of my mottos is 'If I haven't got it perhaps I could make it for you. Examples of my work can be seen on my web-site.

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